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At the first glance

T3 Framework. Joomla 3. Bootstrap 3. Responsive. Customizable. Multi-style. Flat and typographic design.

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Purity Series Stories

2007: Purity, default Joomla template.
2009: free Joomla template JA Purity II.
2014: it's Purity III's time to rock.

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How this rocks

With this free Joomla template, you can create a whole fresh site in 5 minutes. Woo hoo!

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What's more?

Purity III is ready for numerous of the most pupular 3rd party extensions in the market! And the list is yet to complete.

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One remarkable feature of responsive Joomla template Purity III is that this template is fully compatible with a variety of the most well-know Joomla extensions on the market. To name, so far this Joomla 3 template is ready for EasyBlog, JomSocial, Kunena, EasyDiscuss, EasySocial and Mijoshop.

But what if you want something more? We are eager to gather your opinion. Please tell us: What is your most-wanted third party extension? Which extensions do you believe that our Purity should have? Raise your voice; we would love to hear!

Highly recommend: It would be nice if you can ping your Joomla extension providers to request about the compatibility. This helps us find common interest at ease!

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Team members

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Scott Singleton

CEO Director
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Marie Hall

Managing Director
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Mamie Ray

Sales manager
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Johnny Payne

Creative director

Our partners

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I'm in need of a FREE responsive Joomla template, which definitely has to be on T3 Framework. Something easy to customize, powerful in functions, quick to set it up, something to write blog and post news at the same time. Now I've got Purity III. Totally satisfied.

Melisa Monroe in Somewhere over Joomla world

Business Joomla template

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This is how your eCommerce Joomla template looks with Purity III.

Blog Joomla template

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This is how your Joomla template for personal blog looks with Purity III.

News Joomla template

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This is how your Joomla template for news looks with Purity III.

Portfolio Joomla template

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This is how your Joomla template for portfolio looks with Purity III.